Origin Story

A few months back I was the spotlight speaker for my referral group. This was the first time I was going to do the spotlight not representing my former employer. It was so much fun to give the history of my small business. So when this picture came up in my timeline I thought it was time to revisit!

Sara Hickman designs was not always what it is today, just like I am not the same person I was in 2008. It started out at Top Secret Science and within a year I had to change the name of the business to Touch of Home Learning. I would go into daycares and perform science experiments, with stuff that you would probably have at home. The idea was to get them excited about science and go home to recreate it.

Well life happens, there is a financial crash, enrollments tank and when baby two came (who I am 8 months pregnant with in this picture), it was just too hard to manage it all and bookings were really drying up so I PIVOTED.

I started selling digital teaching resources for preschool with a science focus. Things have been growing and changing since. You can still get digital teaching resources at Teachers Pay Teachers and now you can also get coloring pages and clipart. You can get digital downloads directly from my site for coloring books, SVG files and more. You can get physical items from my online boutique and on Amazon.

The nice thing about being in business for yourself is that you can do just that, PIVOT as needed.

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