Halloween Shirts

Let me start by saying I was not even sure that I was going to be able to be working again in time to produce any Halloween shirts this year. However, I have been cleared by my doctor to slowly start working again. I just had to promise to listen to my body and take the breaks my body needs to heal well. I am excited to get back to normal.

Here is the most important piece of information you need to know – how long you have to order your shirts.

Here is the second most important piece of information – what you can choose from!

As a bonus here are a few images of what these designs look like on some shirts. To see all except 3 of these designs on shirts be sure to download the Halloween Look Book. Not only will you see most of the designs on shirts you will also learn about customization, patterned vinyl, and pricing.

Things to note – every order from Sara Hickman designs can be customized. Want the Sugar Skull on a long sleeve shirt? No problem. Want the black of the Sugar Skull to be glitter? Absolutely, additional $3. Want #squadghouls to be all black on a white t? No problem! Have your own vision for something? Just reach out, I can typically make it happen.

So don’t leave today without getting your copy of the Halloween Look Book. Simply click the button below!

Sneak Peek

Until next time friends!
Keep things flamazing!

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