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When you choose to work with Sara Hickman designs you are getting a designer, marketing specialist and partner that cares about you and your success. “Family, Faith and Flamingos” is not just a saying around here, it is a lifestyle. We put family first. We serve God. We put in good things, so that we can pour out good things.

In addition to fundraising, here are the ways that you can choose to partner with Sara Hickman designs.

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Graphic Design and Illustration

When budget matters, budget matters. My rate starts at $25 per hour, minimum 3 hours. That comes with up to 3 edits of final piece and preliminary sketches to make sure we are on the same page.

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Social Media Graphic Packages

Predesigned packages designed for social media engagement are coming soon!

Custom graphics available in 3, 6 and 9 image sets.

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VA Services and Content Creation

These are all custom packages to your needs. I specialize in social media marketing for engagement, lead magnets and email campaigns.

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Educational Resources

Are you in need of a custom educational resource? I have over 12 years of designing resources for learners up to age 7. I specialize in play-based learning and natural discovery.

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Journals and Planners

Are you looking for a custom journal for a retreat? A custom planner for team building? Looking for some coloring book marketing?

Not only am I your girl to help you design it. I can also print it.

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Print Marketing Materials

Marketing Collateral
Not only can I help you with the design, I can also print it for you.

*Flyers *Brochures *Postcards *Calendars *Catalogs *Booklets *Business Cards
*and more

Let’s work together.

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