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Lora’s Gift


Hi, I’m Sara, Lora Nicole’s mama. Lora’s little life was not meant to be outside of her mama, but God has bigger plans for her. Learn more below!

Lora’s Gift

Lora Nicole and Trisomy 13

When the pain is not as fresh, we will walk through the story of our diagnosis. However, when the diagnosis hit – a seed was planted. That seed has grown. Check out the next post.

Seed Planted: Lora’s Gift

It is heart breaking, devastating, and soul crushing to receive the diagnosis of Trisomy 13. We were given no hope time and time again. (You can read more about that in another post.) After the diagnosis, I distinctly remember starting to think about glorifying God (faith), my baby girl (family), and my business (flamingos). SeeContinue reading “Seed Planted: Lora’s Gift”

About Me

Just a Wisconsin girl that moved south. Living my best life in southwest Ohio with my man and 2 amazing kids. Supporting our community one t-shirt at a time. Removing fundraising headaches one merchandise store at a time. Helping you educate and relax one piece of clipart, game or coloring page at a time. Just one girl using her God given gifts to help you, one thing at a time.

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