First, I want to say thank you for checking out my apparel.

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I have a heart for non-profit organizations, community organizations and outreach programs. These organizations are vital, run by good people wanting to do extraordinary things.

What better way to showcase your love for these organizations than by sporting gear that returned a direct financial boost to the organization?

Let’s dive into this more with a story.

Roxanne has been given the task to set up the annual tee-shirt drive. This drive raises money for community food bank and it is near and dear to Roxanne’s heart, but she knows that the tee-shirt drive has always been a barrel of issues. If you are getting all the money to get the shirts, you are getting wrong sizes. Then people forget to order so you try to order a few extra. Every year there is talk wondering if the tee-shirt drive is even worth it.

Roxanne found Sara Hickman designs. After a conversation or two with Sara Hickman designs Roxanne has an amazing design for this year’s tee-shirt drive and an online store. This online store allows for Roxanne to have everyone order their shirts directly on the website. They order exactly what they need in the color they want and pay right there. When the campaign is over Sara Hickman designs writes a check for the proceeds and gives it directly to the food bank.

During the campaign Roxanne was able to make better connections with the food bank’s supporters because she was able to have genuine conversations and not worry about the tee-shirt campaign and if there were any problems. Since everything happened online individuals who had used the food bank in the past were able to give back even not living in the area because shirts were shipped to them directly. Roxanne no longer fears having to be the person planning the tee-shirt campaign.

Now sure this is a “story”, but this is exactly how this works. Tee-shirt campaigns can be huge headaches and they don’t have to be.

The steps:

  1. Reach out to Sara Hickman designs to start the conversation about an online store for a tee-shirt campaign.
  2. Design the shirt (I can do it or you give me the design – both work)
  3. The design is mocked up on the shirts/products that you will be using and put into an online store. — one thing to note these stores are 95% customizable!
  4. Orders are placed and payment is made right online.
  5. Items are processed and start arriving 10 to 14 days after the store closes.

This of course is a bird’s eye view of how it works, but it gets you started. The best thing to do is reach out to Sara Hickman designs (email, contact us or call) to get the conversation started. You could be up and running taking orders in no times at all.

For profit opportunities also available.

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