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Games, Task Cards, Story Starters, and Coloring Pages

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace much like Etsy and Amazon handmade. Products and resources are made by teachers for teachers.

Now those teachers do not have to be classroom teachers. They can be anyone. Yes, you parent trying to help your 2nd grader write better sentences. Yes, you afterschool program coordinator. Yes, you the homeschooling dad. Everyone can have an account with Teachers Pay Teachers.

In my store you are going to find resources for those beginning learners up to around age 7 or 8. Most of the resources are game and play base, learning at this age is all about playing, so might as well make it fun. You will find a few worksheets.

General themes and seasonal themes available all year long.

Shop Teaching Resources Here

In addition to educational resources I have coloring pages available for instant download.

These coloring pages are for the earliest of coloring fans just learning to hold a crayon. The most advanced coloring fan and everyone in the middle. Specifically, the “Simple Lines” series is aimed specifically to younger coloring fans. These are your kid coloring books.

The other coloring books are for kids looking for a little more advanced to the adult coloring. There are more open spaces provided to limit the intimidation factor and to provide enjoyment for those with flexibility and visual challenges as well.

To shop over 30 coloring books go here.

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