Early Ed Resources & Coloring Books

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers has everything you need to aid in the education of students. Whether you are a classroom teacher, homeschool parent or even Co-Teaching during this time of remote learning. In my store you can get educational resources for Pre-K to first grade, clipart for creating resources, and coloring pages for relaxation and anxiety.

Sampling of Resources
Sampling of Clipart
Sampling of coloring pages and books

PayHip: Instant Downloads

PayHip is where you are going to get your instant gratification fix. There is no need to wait for shipping at PayHip because these are instant downloads.

sampling of coloring books available
more SVG files to come


Looking for a physical copy of a coloring book or a journal. Look no further than Amazon! This will take you directly to my Author Page, so no need to search!

Sampling of coloring books on Amazon
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