3 Butter Stain Removal Hacks

Our FAVORITE cookie recipe calls for melted butter. One of our FAVORITE dinners calls for pan frying the coating of chicken. I have found that several of my shirts have grease stains that I was unaware of.

I know that the sooner I get to the stain the better.

Here are some stain removal tips.

Baby Powder and Liquid Dish Soap
– thoughts, the stain happens in the kitchen who is going to have baby powder in the kitchen? Bonus tip. Use cornstarch instead of baby powder. You are more likely to have that in the kitchen. (If I am making that favorite dinner I for sure have it in the kitchen since the recipe calls for it.)

Cover the stain with the powder and let it sit for a few hours. Dust it off, add 3 T of dish soap and use an old soft toothbrush to run it in. Rinse, check, repeat until stain is gone. Launder as usual.

Baking Soda and Dish Soap.

Cover stain with 1/4 cup of baking soda. Add 2 T of soap and a little water to make a paste. Rub into stain. Let sit 10 minutes and wash on hottest setting possible. Use vinegar as fabric softener to remove any odor.

Super greasy? Lemon Juice, Salt and Dish Soap. – I would be concerned on discoloring the shirt with this one.

Get the measurements and how to’s over here.

Hop over to our Facebook page and give us your tips to get butter or kitchen grease stains out of your garments in the comments.

Tri Blend Unisex T-shirts

When you purchase a t-shirt from Sara Hickman designs you are going to get a shirt that has a great FIT. I have purchased almost every style of shirt that I offer for my own wear. I know the size I typically buy at the store, I know how I like shirts to fit, I know how to explain the fit to you. I feel confident saying that when you buy one of my “go to” shirts, it is going to FIT well.

Tri Blend Unisex T-shirts should be ordered in the size typically purchased. These are cut to fit men. If you like a more fitted shirt as a lady, you are going to want to order DOWN a size.

Tri Blend T-shirts are made of 3 types of yarn, polyester, cotton and rayon. This gives you a great FEEL to the shirt that will not shrink the way the typical 100% cotton shirt shrinks. This shirt also differs from your typical cotton t shirt in that the Tri-Blend lends itself to a less boxy fit, the fibers are not as stiff. This lack of stiffness gives the shirt an almost vintage FEEL.

You will be able to FLAUNT the Tri Blend Unisex shirt in a variety of colors.

All t-shirts can be customized. This means that you can change the color of the shirt (colors above) and you can change the color of the decoration. You just need to indicate that you want customizations. I will be in touch with you by the end of the business day if you order before 12 noon eastern time. I will be in touch with you by 12 noon the following business day if you order after 12 noon eastern time.

Feel free to email questions to Sara@sarahickmandesigns.com

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4 knock off looks for a “Shacket”

“An open button up shirt is not a jacket.” Oh how times have changed ladies apparel manager at Dillards.

The “Shacket” is a very real trend this fall.

The “shackets” that I have seen in the industry and in the retailers tend to be plaid. While they look like a flannel shirt, they are typically more than just a flannel shirt. They are typically lined – look like a shirt, wear like a jacket — a shacket.

Shackets are more casual in nature. That does not mean you cannot dress this up for a date night or dress it down for everyday wear.

We are going to take a standard flannel and show 4 looks on how you can rock the trendy “Shacket” – no matter what the fall temperature is where you live.

Friday Night Lights

It’s Friday Night and you are off to catch the local high school football game. Grab your favorite spirit shirt, leggings and pop on those comfy shoes. Top it off with your shacket and you are looking trendy and ready to cheer!

Pulled straight from my closet (and clean clothes basket). Please ignore the wrinkles of my leggings my kids have yet to learn the importance of folding laundry!


Running errands this weekend or a quick meal out with the family. You are going to be on trend with this look. We even are taking this down a notch with just a plain shirt under the shacket. So we have your standard, classic white tee, a pair of black jeans, and a super comfy pair of shoes to run around all day in.

Family Fun Day

What season would you wear this Shacket? Well, fall of course! What is one thing that most families do in the fall. They hit up the pumpkin patch or the apple orchard. Or in our case BOTH!

Be on trend rocking the Shacket with a pair of jeans, fall tee and short boots.

Date Night

I for one love going on dates with my husband. I love looking trendy and cute. So one last Shacket look for you. Fall date nights might include a haunted house, a live concert (remember those – music and people), or even just dinner, drinks and great conversation.

Look trendy and hot in a jean skirt, blinged out t-shirt, tall boots and some jewelry. Pop that shacket over it all for pièce de résistance.

Well, there you go – four knock off looks using a flannel shirt to rock the trendy shacket look.

Shirts featured: (email or message me to order yourself one of the featured shirts)

Halloween Shirts

Let me start by saying I was not even sure that I was going to be able to be working again in time to produce any Halloween shirts this year. However, I have been cleared by my doctor to slowly start working again. I just had to promise to listen to my body and take the breaks my body needs to heal well. I am excited to get back to normal.

Here is the most important piece of information you need to know – how long you have to order your shirts.

Here is the second most important piece of information – what you can choose from!

As a bonus here are a few images of what these designs look like on some shirts. To see all except 3 of these designs on shirts be sure to download the Halloween Look Book. Not only will you see most of the designs on shirts you will also learn about customization, patterned vinyl, and pricing.

Things to note – every order from Sara Hickman designs can be customized. Want the Sugar Skull on a long sleeve shirt? No problem. Want the black of the Sugar Skull to be glitter? Absolutely, additional $3. Want #squadghouls to be all black on a white t? No problem! Have your own vision for something? Just reach out, I can typically make it happen.

So don’t leave today without getting your copy of the Halloween Look Book. Simply click the button below!

Sneak Peek

Until next time friends!
Keep things flamazing!

Seed Planted: Lora’s Gift

It is heart breaking, devastating, and soul crushing to receive the diagnosis of Trisomy 13. We were given no hope time and time again. (You can read more about that in another post.)

After the diagnosis, I distinctly remember starting to think about glorifying God (faith), my baby girl (family), and my business (flamingos).

See one of the core values of my business is to give back to the community. I had an idea of how I was going to do that, but it was just not really taking off the way I had envisioned. I started to think that if we didn’t get the miracle we were praying for maybe we could be that miracle for others. I just didn’t know how it was going to manifest. Honestly, maybe I didn’t want it to manifest because I wanted my miracle. I wanted the opportunity to raise my daughter.

Well, God has other plans. Lora Nicole was not meant to take a breath of this broken world.

A few hours after getting home from the hospital I reached out to 6 friends. I sent the text, “This needs to be out of my house. Can you all help me find a home for it all?” along with 2 pictures – Lora’s crib, diaper bag, changing pad, and newborn lounger.

Within 24 hours a dear friend found a family. This family had a similar story to ours not all that long ago. It was the perfect fit.

When I thanked my friend on Facebook, Lora’s daddy commented, “I guess it’s Lora’s gift.”

He was so right. It’s Lora’s gift. She is giving this family life. We, personally, know the stress of what they are going through, and thank God they do not have to live the stress of what we are going through right now.

So the seed that was planted on 5/10/2021 has started to grow.

Lora’s Gift is a fund that will be getting a portion of proceeds from every, non-fundraising, order. This fund will be used to help families in the community get through hard times, sponsor events and opportunities, and who knows what else. It might be adopting a family at Christmas, it might be paying for a family’s meal at a restaurant, it might be donating diapers to an organization – Lora’s gift will grow over time.

We will never forget the little life that God gave us for such a short period of time. She will be a blessing to so many people. She will glorify God. She will make us all better people.

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