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Next Level ECO product line

As humans we care about things.

We care about our climate. We care about our planet. A study from Fabrik showed that 60% of Millennials want to shop more sustainably. Forbes reported that 62% of Gen Xers want to shop sustainable brands.

Apparel companies have heard this and are doing their part.

Next Level is one of those brands trying to do their part. They understand we want more sustainability when we shop. We want things to be friend for the environment. They have partnered with Unifi to develop recycled polyester for their ECO line.

Check out this video on how the Repreve recycled polyester is made.

If you are looking for sustainable brands (Next Level and others) and apparel to use for your event, employees or fundraiser – let’s chat. Not only do I have access to sustainable brands, I have access to water-based screen print inks that are also better for the environment. (Miniums apply to most screen print options.)

What, Where, Wow

You may or may not know that I love alliteration. I have loved it for quite some time, but it really entered Sara Hickman designs back in 2020. I was interviewed for West Chester + Liberty Lifestyle Magazine and the author mentioned how the artist shines through the work with “family, faith and flamingos“. Then and there, that became the core values of this business with 3 other f words, fit, feel and flaunt.

Today we are going to address some other alliteration – what, where, wow.

These “wheres” are 1,5,7

When you want a decorated piece of apparel, you are going to provide the “what”. That what will either be the vision of what I will be designing, the design you already picked out, or your logo. The “what” is truly that, what we are putting on the apparel item.

The where, well that is where there are some choices.

When it comes to hoodies, there are 14 places “where” you can place your decorations.

  1. Left or Right Shoulder Sleeve
  2. Left or Right Chest
  3. Left or Right Wrist
  4. Left or Right side Hood
  5. Full Back
  6. Lower Back
  7. Full Front
  8. On Pocket
  9. Left or Right Sleeve

Most of these “wheres” can also be placed on a 1/4 or 1/2 zip, or a crew neck pullover.

The last is wow!

Own your WOW – even when you don’t feel so WOW – girl you were back in pre-pregnancy clothes in 2 weeks.

WOW is what you provide when you are in the world rocking your new sweatshirt.

Wrinkles Be Gone

I promise you that this is not turning into a cleaning blog. Yes, the last post was also about laundry. When you wear clothes, you have to wash them, right?

We have all been there. The clean clothes have sat that too long and now you look like you keep your clothes in a balled-up mess. Oh, the wrinkles. Now you think about just tossing them in the dryer to see what it can do to release the wrinkles – but let’s face it how often does that really work? You think about hanging them in the bathroom while you shower and sure that helps some, but still, they are just kinda there.

How can you iron a shirt that is decorated with heat press vinyl? I mean the washing instructions say in bold letters DO NOT IRON. If you need to you can, but there is a special way to do it. I am here to tell you how. Wrinkles … be gone!

The first things first. You need an iron and a safe place to iron. If you do not have an ironing board (I don’t!) put a towel on your table before ironing.

Now you will want to turn your shirt inside out. This is very important. You do not want the heat to hit the decoration of your shirt directly.

Put your shirt decoration side down. This puts a layer of protection between your decoration and the heat. If your shirt has decoration on both sides put the side with the smaller decoration up.

Iron as you would typically, use light pressure and quick movements over the decorated areas.

Iron until the wrinkles are removed from this side. This process will also start to remove the wrinkles from the decorated side.

Flip your shirt over and again with light pressure and quick movement iron until wrinkles are released. This side should not take as long since you were already starting to iron it while you ironed the other side.

Avoid any chemicals while ironing. Chemicals can cause the adhesive to begin to break down.

Flip your shirt right side out and FLUANT it!

3 Butter Stain Removal Hacks

Our FAVORITE cookie recipe calls for melted butter. One of our FAVORITE dinners calls for pan frying the coating of chicken. I have found that several of my shirts have grease stains that I was unaware of.

I know that the sooner I get to the stain the better.

Here are some stain removal tips.

Baby Powder and Liquid Dish Soap
– thoughts, the stain happens in the kitchen who is going to have baby powder in the kitchen? Bonus tip. Use cornstarch instead of baby powder. You are more likely to have that in the kitchen. (If I am making that favorite dinner I for sure have it in the kitchen since the recipe calls for it.)

Cover the stain with the powder and let it sit for a few hours. Dust it off, add 3 T of dish soap and use an old soft toothbrush to run it in. Rinse, check, repeat until stain is gone. Launder as usual.

Baking Soda and Dish Soap.

Cover stain with 1/4 cup of baking soda. Add 2 T of soap and a little water to make a paste. Rub into stain. Let sit 10 minutes and wash on hottest setting possible. Use vinegar as fabric softener to remove any odor.

Super greasy? Lemon Juice, Salt and Dish Soap. – I would be concerned on discoloring the shirt with this one.

Get the measurements and how to’s over here.

Hop over to our Facebook page and give us your tips to get butter or kitchen grease stains out of your garments in the comments.

Tri Blend Unisex T-shirts

When you purchase a t-shirt from Sara Hickman designs you are going to get a shirt that has a great FIT. I have purchased almost every style of shirt that I offer for my own wear. I know the size I typically buy at the store, I know how I like shirts to fit, I know how to explain the fit to you. I feel confident saying that when you buy one of my “go to” shirts, it is going to FIT well.

Tri Blend Unisex T-shirts should be ordered in the size typically purchased. These are cut to fit men. If you like a more fitted shirt as a lady, you are going to want to order DOWN a size.

Tri Blend T-shirts are made of 3 types of yarn, polyester, cotton and rayon. This gives you a great FEEL to the shirt that will not shrink the way the typical 100% cotton shirt shrinks. This shirt also differs from your typical cotton t shirt in that the Tri-Blend lends itself to a less boxy fit, the fibers are not as stiff. This lack of stiffness gives the shirt an almost vintage FEEL.

You will be able to FLAUNT the Tri Blend Unisex shirt in a variety of colors.

All t-shirts can be customized. This means that you can change the color of the shirt (colors above) and you can change the color of the decoration. You just need to indicate that you want customizations. I will be in touch with you by the end of the business day if you order before 12 noon eastern time. I will be in touch with you by 12 noon the following business day if you order after 12 noon eastern time.

Feel free to email questions to

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