Tri Blend Unisex T-shirts

When you purchase a t-shirt from Sara Hickman designs you are going to get a shirt that has a great FIT. I have purchased almost every style of shirt that I offer for my own wear. I know the size I typically buy at the store, I know how I like shirts to fit, I know how to explain the fit to you. I feel confident saying that when you buy one of my “go to” shirts, it is going to FIT well.

Tri Blend Unisex T-shirts should be ordered in the size typically purchased. These are cut to fit men. If you like a more fitted shirt as a lady, you are going to want to order DOWN a size.

Tri Blend T-shirts are made of 3 types of yarn, polyester, cotton and rayon. This gives you a great FEEL to the shirt that will not shrink the way the typical 100% cotton shirt shrinks. This shirt also differs from your typical cotton t shirt in that the Tri-Blend lends itself to a less boxy fit, the fibers are not as stiff. This lack of stiffness gives the shirt an almost vintage FEEL.

You will be able to FLAUNT the Tri Blend Unisex shirt in a variety of colors.

All t-shirts can be customized. This means that you can change the color of the shirt (colors above) and you can change the color of the decoration. You just need to indicate that you want customizations. I will be in touch with you by the end of the business day if you order before 12 noon eastern time. I will be in touch with you by 12 noon the following business day if you order after 12 noon eastern time.

Feel free to email questions to

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