4 knock off looks for a “Shacket”

“An open button up shirt is not a jacket.” Oh how times have changed ladies apparel manager at Dillards.

The “Shacket” is a very real trend this fall.

The “shackets” that I have seen in the industry and in the retailers tend to be plaid. While they look like a flannel shirt, they are typically more than just a flannel shirt. They are typically lined – look like a shirt, wear like a jacket — a shacket.

Shackets are more casual in nature. That does not mean you cannot dress this up for a date night or dress it down for everyday wear.

We are going to take a standard flannel and show 4 looks on how you can rock the trendy “Shacket” – no matter what the fall temperature is where you live.

Friday Night Lights

It’s Friday Night and you are off to catch the local high school football game. Grab your favorite spirit shirt, leggings and pop on those comfy shoes. Top it off with your shacket and you are looking trendy and ready to cheer!

Pulled straight from my closet (and clean clothes basket). Please ignore the wrinkles of my leggings my kids have yet to learn the importance of folding laundry!


Running errands this weekend or a quick meal out with the family. You are going to be on trend with this look. We even are taking this down a notch with just a plain shirt under the shacket. So we have your standard, classic white tee, a pair of black jeans, and a super comfy pair of shoes to run around all day in.

Family Fun Day

What season would you wear this Shacket? Well, fall of course! What is one thing that most families do in the fall. They hit up the pumpkin patch or the apple orchard. Or in our case BOTH!

Be on trend rocking the Shacket with a pair of jeans, fall tee and short boots.

Date Night

I for one love going on dates with my husband. I love looking trendy and cute. So one last Shacket look for you. Fall date nights might include a haunted house, a live concert (remember those – music and people), or even just dinner, drinks and great conversation.

Look trendy and hot in a jean skirt, blinged out t-shirt, tall boots and some jewelry. Pop that shacket over it all for pièce de résistance.

Well, there you go – four knock off looks using a flannel shirt to rock the trendy shacket look.

Shirts featured: (email or message me to order yourself one of the featured shirts)

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