Regarding the SVG design launch today.

The launch of the SVG designs is going to be delayed a few days. It will launch by the end of the month, but it will not be today. 

I tend to be a pretty private person – when it comes to the real stuff. I tend to put on a face, show that I have it together. Man I can put together a good highlight reel. Keep it together, be positive, have faith. I mean it is the second word of what this business really stands for. However, there is one before that – Family.

That word, is the reason I am pressing pause on this launch. 

1. You, as my customer family, deserve my best. I can’t give that to you with this launch. I can in a few weeks, but I can’t scramble to do it today.

2. I need to respect that even I have my limits. My family deserves that I to recognize when I am hitting that limit. 

I have hit that limit. 

I am not stepping away, taking a hiatus or anything like that. I am pressing pause of this release, today. 

Without going into tons of details, but still being authentic – I will try to fill you in.

1. Parenting is hard. Parenting through a pandemic, even harder. 

2. Being an adult is hard. Being an adult during voting year, even harder.

3. Being a white, slightly conservative, slightly traditional, Christian woman used to be easy. It’s not easy in a world of civil unrest. 

4. Being a daughter used to be SUPER easy. Being a daughter to aging parents is hard. Being a daughter of aging parents living 400 miles away, is harder. Being a daughter to aging parents during a pandemic is excruciating. 

It’s this last one that has pushed me to my limit today. This last one has made me hit my knees more than anything else over the last 6 weeks. This last one is making my knees bruised. This last one is making tear stains on my glasses. This one caused me to pull in my prayer warriors. If you don’t have prayer warriors – get prayer warriors. We cannot do this alone. This last one has me crying out for help that only God can provide. 

So today, I hit pause. 

Pause the launch because if I am going to say this business is Family – Faith – Flamingos (and it is) I need to recognize when I need to hit pause and focus on one of those aspects. 

Thank you for understanding.

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