Why should you be part of a mailing list?

It should be no surprise to anyone that businesses want an easy way to reach their customers. If 2020 taught us anything it is that our businesses need to be nimble and ready to change on a dime.

A typically cost effective way to do this is to have a mailing list.

Yes, we want you following our social media accounts. We want you liking our images on Instagram. We want you sharing our deals on Facebook. We want you mentioning us in your Tik Toks when you are using our product. We would even love it if your LinkedIn posts were shared. HOWEVER, when we are posting to these platforms – we have little control over who actually sees the posts and when. We have more control when it comes to those newsletters.

If we are careful to not use Google spam triggers, more than likely our emails are going to end up in your inbox. With analytics we can see who opened them and who didn’t. If we really want to invest in those relationships we can take that information and use it to develop relationships with our active fans.

Okay Sara, this is all fine and good, but what is in it for me? Why should I even care?

  1. Let’s face it. Companies will give you something (typically) when you join their list. It could be a discount on a purchase, a free coloring page, free clipart, a free course an e-book and other great stuff.
  2. You typically get to learn about announcements and new products first. For example in today’s newsletter there are two announcements! (Want to know what they are? Well join us here.)
  3. You can always unsubscribe whenever you want.

Here are Sara Hickman designs, we try to be respectful of your inbox. We try very hard to not send more than 1 email a week. If I am honest, there will be weeks that we won’t send an email at all. Things get busy – what can I say. 🙂

If you choose to join the mailing list we love you and are happy to have you. If you leave the mailing list, we are sad to see you go and we still love you.

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