Last Holiday Horrah!

We took the weekend for the last of our “Holiday Horrah!”

That included shopping, assembly of purchased items, hanging of some of those purchased items, being lazy, binging season 3 of Cobra Kai and 2 of the Karate Kid movies, board games, football and to finish it off – New York Style Cheesecake. I will be honest, I am actually feeling refreshed from taking a weekend completely off, I don’t do that often.

Now, it is the first Monday of the year and it is time to kick this back into high gear.

Have you set those goals for the year? What about those … resolutions? Is this the year that you finally keep them? Do you do the whole word of the year thing?

I have taken the last 3 weeks (I bullet journal – so I had to set up my new journal and that takes some time) or so and really thought about those things. I am ready to take 2021 and make the most out of it.

I am going to start strong and stay strong … just like my coffee!

So on this marvelous Monday – where the kids are remote learning and we are still in the midst of a global pandemic and the political unrest of our country remember – God is stronger than all of this.

Over on my Facebook page you can show me your coffee (or beverage of choice while you are reading this) and if you are still wanting some goal tracking/smashing encouragement try out a free month of my “Gal Pal Boss Lady” planner.

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