Forward is Forward FREE SVG Files

What do you call it when you get down, things aren’t going your way and you just can’t get out of it?

Are you just down? Do you feel a depression coming on? Are you in a pit?

For me, any one of these starts as — a funk.

Funks always start the same way. Life is overwhelming for one reason or another. Life gets stressful and it gets to be too much. I stop doing the things that help keep me calm and unwound. Then I am not feeling productive and it all starts to snowball.

One would think that I would have this figured out by now. I feel these things coming on and I know a funk is on the way. One would think that I would be able to see it and pivot. That’s the thing about funks. They can be so slow to develop or just make sense why the things that are needed to keep the funk away are justified on skipping.

  • “Oh I slept too long to have enough time for quiet time today.”
  • “I don’t have time to draw right now, I have 7 designs that I have to get done.”
  • “Oh, Riverdale’s latest season is on Netflix! Okay maybe tonight after I have this, this and that done.”
  • “It’s okay that I am not painting my nails right now, I am in the middle of moving.”

Without fail it starts with falling out of a daily habit starting my day in the word and getting up early.

I caught this funk early. And I am not going to lie, we have some big things hitting our personal world right now. I mean moving – yeah that will knock you the hell out, even when you take vacation to get the bulk of it done. Anxiety from all fronts, from those of all ages. Oh and just the fact that it is 2020.

Sometimes it is important to just step back. Remind yourself that life is a journey. We are here for a finite number of days. We are all moving toward the time when Jesus calls us home. Our hope as Christians is to have left the world a little better than when we started by pointing the light on The One who is our light.

While I take a step back today to remind myself that this is a journey. I am bringing to you a new cut file.

You should be taken to the download page if you click the picture.

This is free for now and available through the PDF/download store.

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