Moxie (Free Coloring Page)

I know that this is a rough time for many of us. We are safe inside. Our loved ones are safe inside. WE ARE ALL INSIDE.

I figured I would tell a fun little story and create a coloring page. Sometimes these are going to be adult coloring pages. Other times they are going to be simpler pages for the littles in your life.

Without further ado – Moxie the Fortune Teller

Moxie knew what was coming, but she dares not tell anyone. See she had already been banished from her village. She missed her family so. Maybe they will listen to her. Maybe they will come and find her. Maybe they will see that the leaders are wrong.

The spirits have blessed Moxie with the ability to see the future. When she saw the end of time, she knew the leaders of her village needed to know. Entering the leaders tent she told them what she saw. Not wanting fear to spread, the leaders banished her, immediately.  The problem, Moxie’s predictions have never been wrong. Not one time. This seemed so important she needed to tell. But now she was not so sure.

Finding him is what Moxie must do. He will be able to help her. He will be able to help her reunite with her family. He will believe her. She will just have to have the jade, lots of jade.

As she moves from place to place looking for him, she is reading fortunes. Her predictions are so accurate, so detailed, so precise. People want to pay Moxie top dollar for her blessings. People are so confused why she will only be paid with jade. Jade is such a common jewel and so worthless, her blessings are worth so much more. Moxie knows something they don’t, currency is going to mean nothing at the end of time. Jade is where the power will be. Jade will get you your way. Jade will reunite Moxie with her family. She dares not tell a soul. She is on a mission. Now, where is the man with the hook?

Your free coloring page is here:

Please show me your finished work! I would love to see it. Just tag me across social media.

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