Colorless Blending with Tombow Dual Brush Markers

Now that we have watched the Tombow Dual Brush Colorless Blender in action. Let’s take a little deeper look. 

When I first got “better” markers, or really started playing with markers I heard about these colorless blenders. Now when you think about the word blending – one would think that you can take the “blender” rub it over the two colors and it would create a gradient or “mix” the two colors.


Colorless blenders should really be called marker erasers, well no, because they can’t always remove all the color, FADERS! Yes, they should be called colorless faders.

A colorless blender is used to take the fully saturated color and REMOVE THE COLOR. As you can see in this video, I only put color where I wanted to the gray to be the darkest. The blender is then used to fade the color, spread it out and attempt to lift it to paper white.

Also, Tombow markers are water-based markers. This same effect can be achieved with a paint brush and water.

This same concept also applies to alcohol-based markers.

Happy Coloring!

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